Landscape Photographs by Neville Dukes is the product of a personal life-long interest in landscape and nature photography, originally using mainly colour slide film and, since 2001, digital.

Just as the development of digital photographic capture, processing and storage represented a major step forward for professional photographers it also meant a whole new dimension to the art for many amateur photographers. I used 35 mm. cameras for a long number of years and have digitally scanned and archived a selection of my transparencies and negatives.

As all of my photographs now are digital the website seems to be a logical but simple step to share my work with a wider audience although it must be accepted that the quality of reproduction on any website is limited. For me, the ultimate test of my output is how well the image files print at 45cm by 30cm. Because of this all photographs are made and processed for their potential as high quality prints. The website contains over 300 photographs.

Like many other landscape and nature photographers I am conscious of a need to capture images of nature before it is changed irreversibly by those who would dictate where and how we should live in order to satisfy their personal financial greed with little or no regard for the environment or our quality of life. I believe strongly in preservation of a wonderfully diverse world for those who come after us and consider that we, with our grandiose plans and desperate need to consume everything in sight, really have no right to deprive future generations of things previous generations have valued and enjoyed but which seem nowadays to have gone out of our focus.

The aim of the landscape photographer (or this one at least) is to capture from the natural landscape elements which suggest feelings about a place such as colours, light and shade, textures, size and dramatic shape and to present these elements as an image which in isolation is visually harmonic (or discordant if appropriate) but always satisfying to the eye and to the mind.

Most of the photographs are from Counties Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford and other parts of Ireland including the Mournes, Connemara and the Burren, Co.Clare. In addition I have included some from places I have visited such as Norfolk (England), Venice, Ile de Re and La Rochelle (France) and the island of Malta.


Currently I use a Panasonic Lumix GH5 for special projects and a Panasonic Lumix GX7 as a versatile walk-about camera.


Landscape and Nature Photographs by Marcus Gunther - A collection of photographs mainly from Marcus's home county of Kerry, Ireland, and also from Tuscany, Venice and Croatia.

Cambridge in Colour - an Excellent learning community for photographers

Seal Rescue Ireland - a seal rescue facility based in my home town of Courtown which is active around the Irish coast rescuing seals, otters and other sea mammals. This excellent facility is entirely funded by voluntary subscription.